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About us

StorVault is a locally recognised brand that has been associated with data storage and backup for more than two decades.

In South Africa StorVault delivers fast, cost effective, secure and reliable offsite, Cloud-based backup services that meet the data protection needs of all users – from a single home user to enterprises with many thousands of users and from capacities that range from a few megabytes of personal information to thousands of terabytes of priceless corporate data.

The brand’s full range of products and services are delivered via a fully-certified and professional community of business partners and authorised resellers.

Best in class Backup data & Recovery


Cloud connected backup and restore with no additional hardware needed.

Backup data is always online and accessible for restore. Manage your backups and restores online from any web browser.

Manage your backups and restores online from any web browser.

Online monitoring and reporting of backup and restore operations.


Backup data is always encrypted at source, in-transit and at rest.

User access control and secure login to web management portal.

Backups reside in a purpose-built secure data centre monitored 24/7/365 with biometric access control.

The purpose-built secure data centre is located in South Africa therefore your backup data remains in country.


Web console enables secure anywhere, anytime access to your data.

Automated backups with easy self-service restore.

Restore backup data to the original or different device.

Email and remote support available 24/7.

Why choose Storvault

An overview

STORVAULT Cloud Data Protection is your advanced, flexible and easy to manage online backup and recovery service, delivered from our highly secure and resilient data centre in South Africa. We provide you with a fast, cost effective, secure and reliable offsite backup service to meet your data protection needs.

Our easy to use online service and experienced team is here to support you and help protect your data where it resides, on endpoints (laptops/desktop) and servers – all from a single web-based management console.

You can rest assured that you will be able to recover your protected data, anywhere anytime using STORVAULT Cloud Data Protection.

Local services with 24/7 support

Guaranteed data sovereignty

No international bandwidth costs

No outbound data transfers costs

No fluctuating exchange rates

“Pay-as-you-use” pricing model


30 day trial, no credit card required.


The Protection Plans are all automated preconfigured policies that assist you with the initial setup and configuration of your backup tasks with minimal input required.


STORVAULT protects servers, computers and NAS devices and is designed to backup many of the most common file types used in a small or mid-sized business. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe)
  • Media (photos, video, audio, graphics)
  • Financial and accounting files (QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage)
  • Point-of-sale (POS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Databases and applications (including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, MySQL Server, Oracle Server, VMware, Hyper‑V)

One or more administrators can be assigned to each STORVAULT account. Administrators can view and manage backups for the entire business using STORVAULT’s intuitive dashboard. The dashboard allows administrators to create, deploy and manage backup policies for individuals, groups and departments. They can also control account details such as subscription information, security questions,passwords and billing.

STORVAULT offers a variety of options for recovering lost data. A restore can be carried out from:

  • All computer files – restore all backed up files to a new or repaired computer
  • Individual computer files or folders – restore files and/or folders individually to a computer
  • Previous computer file versions – in case of accidental overwrite, bring back an older version of a file
  • Entire server(s) – with Image Backup and bare metal restore, the entire system can be recovered in one pass, including operating systems, applications and settings
  • Databases and Applications – recover a specific database, like Exchange or SQL, without having to do a full server restore
  • Granular mailbox restore for Exchange–the entire server does not have to be restored if all that is needed is one user\’s mailbox


In addition, users can retrieve backed up computer files away from their computers. Anytime Anywhere Access allows the user to log into theirStorVault account to view and download backed up files from any internet-connected device.

STORVAULT addresses compliance requirements for all customers by implementing administrative, physical and technical safeguards that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of their data.

Storvault Cloud Data Protection Plans

The Protection Plans are all automated preconfigured policies that assist you with the initial setup and configuration of your backup tasks with minimal input required.

The STORVAULT Cloud Data Protection Plans include:

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